1TenHost Free Training Program - Python Programming Language Course
Background of Python:

1) Python Programming language is been around for 25 years and its still rising in its popularity.

2) One main reason behind its popularity is the simplicity of the code which help users easy to learn, its provide no programing skils either you are beginner or expert.

3) Its an open source language. Python has library just about every thing.



Python Programming Language Course

What can you do with Python:

It can be easily used for online and offline projects.

Following are some example which give you an idea that what you can do with python.

1) Web Development, you can use python to build web applications with the help of “Python amazing libraries”.
like: Pyramid, Django, Flask.

2) You can also do “Data Analysis” and “Data Visualization” by using some amazing libraries.
like: Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn.

3) You can also use “BeautifulSoup” library to scrap data from website. This library is used when website deosnot have their APIS, so you can scrap all data that available on the website.

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